Plant a Tree for Earth Day on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast.

We Banjo 3, The Gatehouse Well, Heather Dale, Flook, Heidi, Stef & Bow Triplets, Culann's Hounds, Brobdingnagian Bards, Hearthfire Duo, Catherine Koehler, Wooden Legs, Barleyjuice, Pauline Scanlon Feat. Damien Dempsey, Jessica Victoria, Rebels and Sinners, Screaming Orphans, Syr

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0:04 - “Crann Na Beatha (Tree of Life)” by We Banjo 3 from String Theory Pronunciation: Crown na Ba-ha

3:11 - WELCOME

4:29 - "Tree Gap Set" by The Gatehouse Well from Bring You Ashore

8:12 - "Hawthorn Tree" by Heather Dale from Avalon

11:48 - "Turquoise Girl / The Tree Climber / Twelve Weeks and a Day / Rounding Malin Head" by Flook from Ancora

17:41 - "One Spot On Earth" by Heidi, Stef & Bow Triplets from One Spot on Earth


26:20 - "Eire" by Culann's Hounds from Year of the Dog

29:47 - "The Heart of Fangorn" by Brobdingnagian Bards from Memories of Middle Earth (Remastered)

33:06 - "An Irish Barn Dance" by Hearthfire Duo from A Long Way Home

36:20 - "The Briar and the Rose" by Catherine Koehler from Stone Upon Stone

39:26 - "Dancing the Mud" by Wooden Legs from What Are You Looking for?


45:34 - "Rose of Garden City" by Barleyjuice from The Old Speakeasy

48:12 - "The Pretty Bird Tree" by Pauline Scanlon Feat. Damien Dempsey from Gossamer

52:54 - "Song of the Summer Realm" by Jessica Victoria from Songs of the Summer Realm

56:19 - "Mother Tree" by Rebels and Sinners from Day's Just Begun

1:00:40 - "Og in Eireann" by Screaming Orphans from Ballads Rule OK Pronunciation: Owe-g in AIr-ann

1:04:45 - CLOSING

1:06:35 - “Legacy” by Syr from Single

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Earth Day is an annual event celebrated around the world on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Arbor Day is on April 24. Yet Coronavirus has taken over the international discussion. That makes it tough to talk about anything else in the short-term.

But climate change is the most-important long-term issue facing our planet. So I want to draw a little bit of attention to just how important it is that we are proper stewards of the planet. That means limiting dangerous carbon emissions and limiting other things that pollute

We Celts have long had a love of the land. This is one of the most-important issues for Celts, If we don’t protect our planet, then we will destroy it. This episode is dedicated to the planet Earth.


The Earth Day website has “11 Actions for the Planet During a Pandemic.” That seems like a super appropriate article right now. You can read the article on the Earth Day website.

April 24 is also Arbor Day. I love the idea of planting trees to combat pollution. If you join the Arbor Day Foundation, they will send you ten trees. Or they will plant ten trees for you. Memberships are as little as $10 for six months. Not too bad a deal. So we’re sending trees to the rainforest this month. Find out more at

If you want another way to support the planet. I’m donating 50% of the profit of our the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast shirt to the foundation for the rest of the month. The shirt has a beautiful Celtic knotwork tree design. And I’m told it’s a great conversation starter. Get yours now.


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Peter Gallagher in Ft. Myers, FL emailed: "Hi Marc - long story short, I’ve been listening as I paint walls and cabinet doors in my Florida vacation home. You played Albannach with Rathkeltair in today’s pod, which I’ve heard twice through already. Do you know where that track was recorded? I may have been there as I saw them live a couple times before the lockdown. Thanks for everything"

Pam emailed a photo: "Marc, I have loved your podcast for years, sorry it took a situation like this for me to finally let you know that.  Most recently I spent the time listening to your podcast while I brushed the winter coat out of my horse.  He was happy to nibble on the beginnings of grass while I did it.  In the past I would listen to your podcast while driving to work if I needed to calm down before a tough day was to start or on the weekend as I relaxed drinking wine.  The best to you and your family and once again, thank you for continuing to put out your podcast."

Pamela Hatley emailed: "Hey Mark, I recently discovered your podcast and have subscribed and contributed through Patreon. Love the music and everything you bring with it. I used to listen to multiple political podcasts every day. That did not do much for my mental and emotional well-being. Now I am listening to past and current episodes of Irish and Celtic Music podcast, and haven’t listened to a political podcast in weeks… Thank you for saving me from political podcasts!

Also...I subscribed to Celtic Music magazine but never received the zip files with the 34 Celtic music mp3s. Could you please email that to me again?

And also…I recently joined the Celtic Conundrum band as a banjoist. I was delighted to hear one of the band’s songs on a recent Irish and Celtic Music podcast. Thanks so much for sharing our music.

Best to you and thanks for all you do!”

Eric Guarin emailed: "Hi Marc, I was listening to episode 436 where you said someone sent a hate-filled email blasting you for increasing diversity and invoking Jesus' name. Fie on them, I say! And funny those people like to invoke Jesus, who accepted a tax collector as disciple and had a prostitute washing his feet (roll eyes). If I could wave a magic wand I would banish them to be forced to live (separated!) in the slums of Nairobi, Rio, Mumbai, etc.

I'm half Hispanic and the other half stretches back through the Mayflower and Jamestown to Scotland and to France via William the Conqueror (so as white as it gets I guess). My first babysitters were a middle aged black couple, and a couple of gay fellows next door. So, I pretty much detest ANY form of discrimination, it's just an excuse for people to try and feel superior to others.

Anyway that whole thing incensed me so much it spurred me to sponsor you and send a link to my mom to listen. Keep up the good work, and since I now teach here's hoping for a post-coronavirus Celtic Invasion to Ireland (or maybe Scotland but I've never been to Ireland) summer 2021 or Spring Break; if the stars align I could bring my getting-elderly mom. Cheers!"