Bow your heads and raise a glass to those who’ve fallen on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast.

Matt & Shannon Heaton, House of Hamill, Gaelynn Lea, Jon Pilatzke, Eireann's Call, Gerry O'Connor, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Christine Collister & Kevin Burke, Jesse Ferguson, Jen Midkiff, Achill Crossing, The Darkeyed Musician & Grimwater, Thom Dunn, Steel City Rovers, Marc Gunn, Matthew Dickerson

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0:06 - Matt & Shannon Heaton "The O'Connor Donn's & The Morning Thrush" from Blue Skies Above

4:32 - WELCOME

5:50 - House of Hamill "The Sneezing Loon" from Folk Hero

11:53 - Gaelynn Lea "Let It Go" from All the Roads That Lead Us Home

16:01 - Jon Pilatzke "The Canadian Set: Fisher's Hornpipe / Cotillon d'Avila LeBlanc / Reel du Forgeron (The Blacksmith's Reel)" from Amongst Friends

19:28 - Eireann's Call "My Ain True Love" from Tús

22:43 - FEEDBACK

29:32 - Gerry O'Connor "Mixing the Porridge (Single Jigs)" from Last Night's Joy

33:36 - The Merry Wives of Windsor "The Lads of Sailor Town" from Come One, Come All!

36:08 - Christine Collister & Kevin Burke "The Two Trees" from I Am of Ireland / Yeats in Song

39:43 - Jesse Ferguson "Strike at the Whale" from Sea Shanties

42:32 - Jen Midkiff "Eriskay Love Lilt/Eleanor Plunkett (feat. Amy McNally)" from All in Good Time

48:35 - THANKS

52:05 - Achill Crossing "Fighting Men from Crossmaglen" from The Rising of the Moon

54:51 - The Darkeyed Musician & Grimwater "Ghosts of the Fallen" from Illumina

1:00:45 - Thom Dunn "The Boys From County Cork" from Forfocséic, Volume 1

1:03:35 - Steel City Rovers "Old Caledonia ft. Iona Fyfe" from Grand Misadventures

1:07:24 - Marc Gunn "Bring Me Home, Boys" from Sci Fi Drinking Songs

11:11:10 - CLOSING

1:13:48 - Matthew Dickerson "Moment of Prayer" from When I'm Happy and I Know It

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Today we’re paying tribute to the fallen. The title of this episode was inspired by a couple tracks in the show. Originally, I was thinking of soldiers. But with nearing 800,000 deaths due to covid, I thought we’d also pay tribute to all the people who fought and continue to fight for their lives whether from war torn nations or bravely working in healthcare, or the day-to-day concerns about a dreadful virus that has impacted so many people.

I pray that each and every one of you is safe through the holidays and long into the new year.


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David K. Hutchings emailed photos: "Aloha from Hawaii, I listen in a beautiful grove in the lush rainforest of Pololo valley. I  get out my tobacco pipe , light it up and turn your podcast on to share it with the trees and birds of the rain forest. Mahalo Nui Loa"


Darren Mahoney emailed on Patreon: "I’m driving to the Irish Music Festival in Ocean Shores Washington listening to your fine Podcast, as I roll into town Bill Mullen is singing on the Podcast. First Person I run into is Bill Mullen! He was happy to be on your show! What a great fellow and performer, I have an awesome photo of us in our kilts, Wish I could post it. ????"

Mary Lynn Deal emailed: "Hi Marc, I really love that your show is around. I've checked out a couple of other Irish music podcasts and yours is the best I've found. Some folks are talking quite a bit between each song. Kinda disrupts the flow of the show. I'm usually crafting or working when I listen. Keeps me focused."

Mary added later: "Hi again Marc, My daughter got to see a wonderful show a few years ago. It's called "A Celtic Christmas" By Tomáseen Foley. It is a wonderful story! You should check it out."

Ken emailed: "Hey there Marc.   I came across your podcast by accident.  I became a member and am in the process of shifting through the treasure trove of music and information that is part of your podcast.  I heard on the first podcast I opened that you are a musician.  that became obvious when I went through the information and saw the CD that you have made available for sale.

Now, do not get me wrong, I am going to ask a stupid question.  How do you make your money to support the undertaking you have embarked upon since (2008??).

Second, do you go on podcast sponsored trips to listen to this music; or do you rely on bands sending in demo's.  I am not a musician at all.  I just love music.  Have taken a fancy to Celtic music as I like the heritage.  Will plan on visiting the Emerald Isle some time before I pass.  Can listen to Celtic Music just as much as Country music, New Wave, Classical, etc.  All depending upon the mood. Thank you for your time and Take care of yourself"