Dream of St Patrick’s Day morning with this exciting episode of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast #596.

Lissa Schneckenburger, Mary Beth Carty, Niamh Parsons, The Bookends, Charmas, Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh, Solas, The Out of Kilters, Brobdingnagian Bards, Ballinloch, Brett Lipshutz and Randy Lee Gosa, The Haar, Karan Casey, Thom Dunn, Will Macmorran, Plastic Paddy, The McKrells, IIsabeau Corriveau et Les tisseurs de rêves


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Intro: La Unica

0:14 - Lissa Schneckenburger "Scolding Wives of Abertarff/ Were Totaly Justified/ Using Their Leadership Skills To Get Shit Done" from Falling Forward

4:13 - WELCOME

5:48 - Mary Beth Carty "Dutch Tea Jigs" from Crossing the Causeway

9:20 - Niamh Parsons "A Kiss in the morning early" from Heart's Desire

12:06 - The Bookends "The Kilfenora Barmaid" from Chapter One

15:20 - Charmas "Skye Boat Song" from Songs of the Sea

20:27 - FEEDBACK

24:39 - Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh "An Spealadoir" from daybreak: fainne an lae

27:22 - Solas "The Primrose Lass/Molly From Longford/The Four Kisses (reels)" from Sunny Spells and Scattered Showers

30:45 - The Out of Kilters "An Poc ar Buile" from Hot Potatoes

34:35 - Brobdingnagian Bards "An Irish Lullaby" from Songs of Ireland

38:26 - Ballinloch "End in Front" from Rise Up!

42:45 - Brett Lipshutz and Randy Lee Gosa "Miss Galvin's / Ran's Dirty Vans" from Night and Day

45:28 - The Haar "Whiskey In The Jar" from Where Old Ghosts Meet

51:43 - THANKS

54:48 - Karan Casey "Sister I am Here For You (feat. Niamh Dunne)" from Nine Apples of Gold

59:23 - Thom Dunn "The Rising of the Moon" from Forfocs​é​ic, Vol. 3: Love & War

1:02:11 - Will Macmorran "Ejs" from Glen Echo

1:04:57 - Plastic Paddy "I Know My Love" from Lucky Enough

1:09:30 - The McKrells "Donegal" from Somethin' Fierce

1:13:38 - CLOSING

1:15:40 - IIsabeau Corriveau et Les tisseurs de rêves "Inisheer" from Leap of Faith

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Lauren Oxford responded to a show post on Facebook: "Hi Marc! Thank you so, so much for featuring me here, and for your kind words. I certainly don’t feel worthy being in the company of such accomplished and proficient musicians & players, but I’m honored nonetheless. 💙

So many thrilling new musical discoveries too—I can’t wait to dig into the rich backlog of episodes! This podcast is a gift, and thank you so much for everything you do to foster the Celtic community and its music!"

Chip Noland emailed a photo from Huntingtown, MD: "Hello, I really enjoyed the all instrumental episode today. The music minus the lyrics really helps me to keep focused when working outside.

You asked what we were doing while listening and I was in my garage building and finishing speaker boxes for my car stereo turned garage stereo. Almost done with the final touches and am looking forward to getting rid of the styrofoam holders.

Thanks again and keep up the great work!"

Mitchell Petersen sent a photo from a Syr Concert he saw a few weeks back.

Lou Cipher posted on Mastodon: "I recently started listening to the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. On the current episode I learned the host, Marc Gunn, is on the Fedi! Thank you @celtfather for many hours of good music!"