It's for a summer road trip with Celtic music from Andrew Finn Magill, Susana Seivane, Battlelegs, Maidens IV, Gillian Boucher, Braia, Mark Saul, Darren Raleigh, Boston Blackthorne, Black 47, Dave Wilson and Willie B., West of Eden, Dust Rhinos, Screeched Inn.

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0:03 "Mary and Alice" by Andrew Finn Magill from Branches

4:37 "Foliando do Quinteiro" by Susana Seivane from 12° of Separation

9:15 "Michael" by Battlelegs from Lost My Shoes

12:52 "Call to Dance" by Maidens IV from Live Out Loud

18:11 "Summer School Waltz" by Gillian Boucher from Elemental


24:57 "Danca no Abismo" by Braia from e o mundo de lá

29:24 "The Gateless Gate" by Mark Saul from Mixolydian

33:29 "The Summer Before the War" by Darren Raleigh from Silverwheel

37:58 "Sam Adams/The Shores of Lake Cochituate" by Boston Blackthorne from County Kerry to Kerry Park


43:24 "Long Hot Summer Comin' On" by Black 47 from Bankers and Gangsters

47:24 "Doolin Day" by Dave Wilson and Willie B. from Far From Home

50:11 "Knots" by West of Eden from Safe Crossing

54:38 "Step It Out Mary" by Dust Rhinos from The Day After The Night Before

1:00:12 "The Night Pat Murphy Died" by Screeched Inn from Screeched Inn

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