We visit the 2019 Texas Scottish Festival this week on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Celtic music from...

Scotland Rising, Beyond the Pale, The Selkie Girls, Reel Treble, Tullamore, Ed Miller, Jed Marum, Skeleton McKee, Anton & The Colts, Cleghorn, Willow and Her Giant, Brother, Jil Chambless, Scooter Muse

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0:06 "Desert Reels" by Scotland Rising from Out of the Ashes

3:32 "The Tommy Jig-Dan Murphy's-Four Posts of the Bed" by Beyond the Pale from Wantin' Something More

6:29 "Mo Nighean Donn As Bòidhche" by The Selkie Girls from Pirate Queen

10:37 "Martin Wynne's #2/Dunmore Lasses/The Coalminer" by Reel Treble

14:50 "Sound the Pibroch" by Tullamore from Two to Get Ready


24:28 "Room for Us All in the Dance" by Ed Miller from The Edinburgh Rambler

29:18 "Loch Lomond" by Jed Marum from Calla's Waltz

33:08 "Handsome Johnny Flynn" by Skeleton McKee from Leave the World Laughing


39:09 "My Favourite Song" by Anton & The Colts from No End of the Line

44:56 "Hello Hello" by Cleghorn from Live in Greenville

48:51 "O'Carolan's Farewell to Music" by Willow and Her Giant

52:11 "Take Me Down" by Brother from Pax Romana MMV

59:00 "The Collier's Way" by Jil Chambless and Scooter Muse from The Lang Awa' Ships

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One of the festivals I have supported over the years is the Texas Scottish Festival. Thanks to our patrons, I made another nice donation to this festival in North Texas. The festival takes place May 10-12, 2019 in Decatur, Texas. And this week, we're gonna highlight some of the amazing artists performing there this year as well as in past years.

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Lori Wilson emailed: "St. Patrick's Day goals! Didn't know if you saw this. Thought it was neat." http://www.bbc.com/travel/story/20190313-an-irish-pub-born-in-the-dark-ages

Mary Malyszka emailed: "Hi Marc - Devoted and highly supportive listener here! We love your podcast. My husband and family and I have a ritual - we love listening to your podcast as we cook dinner. We talk about our days and enjoy your wonderful music! Simple but wonderful! Thank you!

In any case, I was just listening to the current podcast, and you mentioned having a podcast devoted to the Celtic harp! I was thrilled. I've spent the last 20+ years studying the "clarsach" or 'Celtic harp - it is a passion. (I am actually a former president of the Scottish National Harp Society of America SHSA)). I wanted to offer some recommendations for some harpists that I've loved listening to over the years. There are so many great harpists - so this isn't a comprehensive list - just some that I feel are great because of their skill and talent as a performer, or because of their unique ability as a composer or arranger.

First, I'd like to suggest someone named Cynthia Cathcart. (http://www.cynthiacathcart.com) She is a Scottish US National Champion and professional musician. She plays the clarsach - which is the wire-strung harp played with one's fingernails. She is a small niche artist (even in the harp world), so any of her music from the "Alchemy of a Rose" album should be easy to get permission to play. (She does a great version of Brian Boru's March with the didgeridoo!)

I'd also like to suggest Ann Heymann - who, in my opinion, is the finest wire-strung harp player in the world. She is credited with re-inventing the wire strung technique based on extensive research of the Bunting manuscript (Irish harp source) and other sources. My favorite album is 'Queen of Harps'.

Another premier Scottish artist is Alison Kinnaird, who is considered one of the leading performers and researchers of the Scottish harp - her book "Tree of Strings" is a must-have for anyone doing historical harp research.

Other artists that are absolutely wonderful and renown in the Celtic harp world include Deborah Friou, Kim Robertson, Robin Huw Bowen (Welsh triple harp), Cheryl Ann Fulton, Máire Ní Chathasaigh, Patrick Ball, Laurie Rasmussen, and, of course, some of the original leaders in the Celtic harp world, such as Derek Bell and Alan Stivell. There are so many wonderful harpists that I could name! I hope you do consider doing this podcast. There are some great Celtic harp musicians out there that I know your listeners would welcome learning about. With respect for all the wonderful things you do!"