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Avery LeVine, Hugh Morrison, Sue Spencer, Tiffany Schaefer, Andrew D. Huber, Robin Huw Bowen, Matt Hughes, Eira, The Homespun Ceilidh Band, Elizabeth Sutherland, Gaelic Storm, Wakefire, Follow The Crows, Tuatha Dea, Matthew Young

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0:03 - Avery LeVine "The Dusty Miller/Michael Dwyer's" from Lonesome City

1:49 - WELCOME

3:12 - Hugh Morrison "Inveresk House/Lochaber Gathering" from Feet to the Floor

6:30 - Sue Spencer "A Great Big Sea Hove in Long Beach" from North Shore

9:12 - Tiffany Schaefer "Road to Lisdoonvarna / Morrison's" from Tara's Halls

11:22 - Andrew D. Huber "Mad Captain" from Chasing Time

14:24 - FEEDBACK

20:17 - Robin Huw Bowen "Helfa De Penfro (Hoffedd Nanw Fach/Gwanwyn Wedi'r Gaeaf)" from Iaith Enaid

23:36 - Matt Hughes "Mary Mac" from Alba Gu Brath

27:05 - Eira "An Ribhinn Donn" from Eira

Pronunciation An Ribhin Donn = “uhn Riv-een done”

29:39 - The Homespun Ceilidh Band "Rob Roy Macgregor / The Fermoy Lasses" from Home With The Homespun Ceilidh Band

33:10 - Elizabeth Sutherland feat. Lynne Davine "The Skye Boat Song" from Forest Dreams

36:43 - THANKS

38:21 - Gaelic Storm "The Irish Rover" from One For The Road, St Patrick's Day Mixtape

40:51 - Wakefire "The Little Mermaid" from Midnight Circus

44:25 - Follow The Crows "As The Night Comes" from West Is East

48:10 - Tuatha Dea "The Black Douglas" from The Black Douglas

54:04 - CLOSING

55:33 - Matthew Young "I'll Tell Me Ma/Britches Full of Stitches/The Kerry Polka" from Here's to Dear Old Erin

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Francisco Javier Escobar Tejada emailed: "Hi, dear Marc, My name's Francisco Javier Escobar and I write you from Córdoba, Andalucía, south of Spain. I wanted to write you for some reasons: I want to say hello :), to be thankful with you for your wonderful podcast and say I am proud of you! I hear you every day (I listen to your podcast when I go to work (I am a teacher and the school where I work is one 80 kilometres far). Believe me, I am a celtic music musician... here in the land of Flamenco music!

Yes! there are many celtic musicians here as well. I am a whistler and a bodhran player and have a band called Keltya too, three boys and a girl between 15 and 35 years old). We are not the only band in this city. My band knows new musicians and songs thanks to you and your podcast, your podcast is an excellent resource, we enjoy it a lot and you are almost our muse (he he, this is a joke). We invite you to visit us perhaps in our Irish Fleadh in Cáceres every October and of course, to know Cordoba and its impressive celtic culture fans. Thanks a lot for your music (which I use with my pupils) and your podcast. We also wanted to encourage you to speak at some point about Spanish celtic music and Spanish independent bands such as Ambulancia Irlandesa, Carrion Folk or Rivendell.Just dig a bit and you will find many surprises in Spain as well. Best wishes, your friend!"

Check out our Galicia music show #206.

alexander randall emailed: "It works! You played the St Patricks Day March with the Bookends and I turned around, went to Spotify and listened to the whole album, then went to iTunes and bought the album. You made $10 for the Bookends! Thank you! Keep feeding us rollicking jigs and reels. My only request is to minimize the overlap between cuts in your podcast so folks can carve it up into pieces and just listen to the favorites over and over. When we like it WE BUY... Where is David Clausen of Celtic Stone in Austin. Find him and his hammer dulcimer."

Finally, I missed a few congratulatory emails from the 500th episode in March.

Robert Gabb of the Celtic Rock Band Brynmor emailed: "Congratulations Marc for reaching your 500th episode, keep up the good work, it's always a pleasure listening to the show. All the best"

John, Trix, Karen, Jennifer, Felicia, Mike, and Daphne of The Homespun Ceilidh Band said: "thanks for spreading Celtic music farther and wider, and we look forward to the next five hundred episodes!"

Saby emailed: “Of course I would like to congratulate Marc on his success with the Irish and Celtic Music podcast. I wish him all the best with all his projects and always a happy song on his lips. Best regards from Germany”