Let's go traveling now that St Patrick's Day is over with some Irish and Celtic music from Black Market Haggis, Patrick Penta, Jim Cope, Battlefield Band, Katherine Nagy, Avery LeVine, Byrne and Kelly, Garry O Meara, Beth Patterson/Patrick O'Flaherty, PaddyGrass, Get Up Jack, COAST, The Prodigals, House of Hamill. Listen. Like. Share. Then download 34 Celtic MP3s for Free!

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Kristi Green Hudson posted on Facebook: "Hi! Kristi Green listening in from Dawsonville, Georgia, USA. - Loving your show #296. I've been enjoying your podcasts for several days now - what a wonderful discovery! Great music to help me through the workday! This time last year, I was enjoying my first trip to Ireland and watching the parade pass by in Dublin! Your music helps take me back to those perfect days & favored memories! Thank you."

Heidi L Kleinman Murphy posted on Facebook: "I love your music. I'm practicing the bodhran while I listen to your podcast"


This Week in Celtic Music

0:03 "7 Fig For A Kiss/Olive For a Kiss" by Black Market Haggis from Better Than It Sounds

3:10 "Farewell to Music/Abercairney House/Andrew & His Cutie Gun" by Patrick Penta from When I Was a Young Man

8:56 "Ruffled Drawers/When First Unto This Country" by Jim Cope from King of Ballyhooley

13:08 "Return to Kashmagiro/The Cuddy With the Wooden Leg" by Battlefield Band from The Producer's Choice

16:19 "Traveler's Song" by Katherine Nagy from Gypsy Lady


23:26 "Patsy Hanley's/The Boys of Ballisodare/The Crosses of Annagh" by Avery LeVine from Lonesome City

26:26 "Belfast" by Byrne and Kelly from Echoes

31:01 "Stealth" by Garry O Meara from Pickin' Time

35:06 "Pointe Aux Pins" by Beth Patterson/Patrick O'Flaherty from Caelic


39:59 "The Minstrel Boy" by PaddyGrass from PaddyGrass

43:22 "Las Vegas" by Get Up Jack from The Road Home

46:52 "Big Blue Sky" by COAST from Coast

52:05 "Mountain Dew" by The Prodigals from Brothers

55:54 "Nightmare" by House of Hamill from Wide Awake

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