Tom Crean was born outside Anascaul, Co. Kerry in 1877. One of eleven children from a small farming family, Crean grew up in a world where Antarctica was still a largely unknown continent.

Although overlooked by history, Crean went on to become one of the most distinguished Antarctic explorers of his age. Over the course of his life he would play a key role in several attempts to reach the South Pole. With very limited protective clothing he frequently found himself battling temperatures of -60 C(-76 F). Through these trials he emerged as a tenacious and courageous figure. The stories of Crean's endurance and will to survive are at times unbelievable.

In this episode I interview Michael Smith. His book An Unsung Hero: Tom Crean - Antarctic Survivor brought the remarkable life of Crean to public attention after nearly a century in obscurity.

Sound by Jason Looney

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