Welcome to Episode 1731 of the Italian Wine Podcast. In this Italian Grape Geek series we explore personal stories of travel and tasting with Italy’s must know grape varieties.

In this episode, Russ Lorber geeks out on the Ruchè & Sagrantino grape, exploring the origins, history and characteristics of the grape, sharing her personal connections with wines made from this variety.

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About today’s Host:

“In 2013, a wine guru walked into my life, and I set off on a path of demystifying the wines of Europe–a section of stores and wine lists that I previously avoided. This path rewarded me with an understanding of what wine really is…a centerpiece of gatherings with families and friends; something to facilitate celebration. When visiting family wineries in Europe, I found the experience to be like an invitation to a family gathering, and I admired the passion of the winemakers for their craft. I launched Wide Roots to bring the essence of this experience to more wine drinkers, hoping to help them in unlocking this world much the same way that I did for myself. I am certified by Vinitaly International Academy as an Italian Wine Ambassador. I am also the subject of Wine Hunter, a documentary that follows my journey launching Wide Roots and my travels through the vineyards of Italy.”


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