Italian Wine Podcast Episode 402: "Sangiovese, Lambrusco and Other Vine Stories" (La Stirpe del Vino) continues with Narrator Joy Livingston.

We may have Benedictine monks to thank for recovering vineyards, seeds, and plants left wild after the fall of the Roman Empire.

One way or another, the Pinot Noir we know and love today likely emerged from this period as either a wild vine, domesticated plant, or a cross between the two.

This is the English language version of the original Italian book, "La Stirpe del Vino," written by Attilio Scienza and Serena Imazio.

Get to know the vines that produce the grapes used to make the wine you love, like you've never seen them before.

"Sangiovese, Lambrusco and Other Vine Stories" is available from Amazon (Kindle format) and (paperback).