There’s a lot of focus these days on STEM professions—science, technology, engineering and math—but those who were born with an artistic or creative temperament, really have no choice but to follow their passion. How do you turn a creative spirit into a profession that will support you for life?

Colleen Waguespack has the answer to that question. In her case it's Colleen Waguespack Interiors.

Colleen is a graduate of the LSU School of Interior Design, and started her career in Washington, DC where she worked for commercial architecture firms designing corporate interiors. In 2007, she and her husband, Stephen Waguespack, moved with their three sons to Baton Rouge, and shortly after she joined a nationally renowned Interior Design firm based in New Orleans.

In 2015, Colleen founded Fig & Dove, a couture line of holiday décor designed to complement the interiors she was then working on. The following year, she launched her eponymous Colleen Waguespack Interiors.

Colleen’s signature style is a well-edited home that reflects each client’s personal taste, lifestyle, and background. She takes her clients ideas and guides them toward a more modern aesthetic, inspiring them to refine and expand their sense of style.. Colleen, thanks so much for joining us on out to lunch.

Brad Bongiovanni is President and Chief Creative Officer at Rockit Science, a Baton Rouge-based advertising agency that specializes in branding, advertising, website development and public relations.

Brad founded Rockit Science 20 years ago. In the years since, it has represented clients in a variety of industry sectors, including petro-chem, hospitality, retail and entertainment, as well as nonprofit organizations.

Brad is a third-generation artist and inventor, who professes to understand the delicate balance of insights and their application to the creative form, which gives birth to successful brands. Like Colleen, Brad is active in the Baton Rouge community, where he is involved with civic and philanthropic organizations.

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