Our educational systems, from pre school through the graduate level, are in a constant process of evolution and, in many ways improvement, as pedagogy becomes more sophisticated and curricula become more specialized in response to an ever more complex world. And yet, in some ways we’re not at all keeping up and our schools and universities are falling short of how they need to be preparing students to succeed in the 21st century. But those gaps can also create opportunities for entrepreneurs and others to step in and help address unmet needs.   

Joshua Anderson is founder of Accelerant Education, a Baton Rouge-based company that develops software specifically designed to help high school students learn computer science and computer programming.

Joshua started Accelerant when he realized that only about half of the high schools in Baton Rouge have computer science programs. Joshua understands the value of a computer science education: he is a self-taught software engineer and a graduate of LSU’s Flores MBA program. He also directs StartupGrind Baton Rouge, a community of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. 

Marina Biragova is Executive Director of the Technology and Entrepreneurship Clinic at Southern University Law Center here in Baton Rouge. The clinic assists under-represented entrepreneurs across the state with their business formation and structuring, intellectual property, and compliance issues.

Marina is also an Intellectual Property attorney and a small business advocate, with a specialty in technology and business law. She is a graduate from Pyatigorsk Institute of Economics and Governance School of Law, which is in southwest Russia, as well as the LSU Law Center. 

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