Sometimes we fall into a career. Other times, we build one, doing something simple that we ve loved since childhood. Stephanie s guests in this edition of Out to Lunch fall into the latter category. Mark Cartwright is a sport fisherman from south Louisiana, who grew up enjoying the bounties of Sportsman s Paradise. But, as an adult and father of two boys, he often found himself spending weekends on the baseball field, instead of at the family fishing camp. Combining his penchant for baseball with his love of fishing, Mark created The Catcher s Mitt, a specially outfitted glove that keeps your hands clean and safe while you handle your catch. His company Reel Fun, has gone on to create a second product, the Tipster, which Mark describes as "21st Century jug fishing" basically, it s a horizontal floating fishing rod that tips upright to alert you when you ve caught something. Matt Callac is a native of Slidell who knew as early as his high school journalism classes where he learned to edit on old VCR machines that he wanted to build a career around video production. After internships that took him to New York, and experience working with ad agencies, Matt settled in Baton Rouge and opened his own boutique firm, Elbow Room. Elbow Room is a self described "motion design studio" that specializes in engaging, animated content for a variety of local and regional clients. Like Matt, Elbow Room s productions are edgy, fun, and unlike much else you ll see coming out of the Baton Rouge market. After this conversation, look for the upcoming Elbow Room film about The Catcher s Mitt. Photos at Mansurs on the Boulevard by Ken Stewart.

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