Louisiana has a rich musical history, with New Orleans claiming to be the birthplace of jazz and Baton Rouge promoting its prominent role in the development of the blues. But what is the state of the music scene today, and how do you make a living in the field locally Samuel Ricciuti is a record producer based in Baton Rouge and the owner of Chez Kito Kat records, a production company he founded 10 years ago that has produced some 60 records from artists from all over Europe. He s also produced music concerts in Europe and Canada. Samuel s record label seeks out hidden gems ... artists that you might not otherwise find out about ... and takes credit for launching the careers of several musicians now thriving on the indie scene. Samuel does it all from Baton Rouge, where he is also a French teacher at the Runnels School. Samuel it s a pleasure to have you with us today on Out to Lunch. Thanks for joining me. David L. Harris is a jazz trombonist and vocalist, as well as a composer and arranger, who is making a name for himself on the international scene. David grew up in Scotlandville in Baton Rouge and began playing the trombone when he was 16. In the years since he has studied music at Southern, LSU and UNO, and is now playing in concert venues such as Lincoln Center, the Apollo Theater in Harlem, and at music festivals around the world, including the Newport Jazz Festival, the Montreal Jazz Fest and the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. David just released his first album. Photos at Mansurs on the Boulevard by Allie Appel.

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