When you sit down to search the internet for something, you ve probably noticed the advertisers vying for your attention. What you may not be aware of is that all those helpful blogs and lists of 10 things you gotta know are often carefully crafted marketing pieces designed to draw you in. And, eventually, sell you something. In this brave new world of marketing and messaging Natalie Noel is a local expert. Natalie s firm, Tech Advocate Group, specializes in high tech marketing specifically, what we call inbound marketing, which is a way of attracting customers to a website by providing them with really interesting and useful content rather than bombarding them with advertisements and spam. This is a concept a term, even, that s only been around about 10 years and it s evolving almost daily. While companies are increasingly sophisticated about how they are marketing to their customers, they re also putting more attention than ever on how they spin their message. Public relations goes hand in hand with marketing and advertising, and few know more about providing good PR both the old school way and in the new digital age than Ann Edelman. Ann heads up PR for Zehnder Communications, one of the biggest advertising and PR firms in the state with offices in both New Orleans and Baton Rouge. On this Out to Lunch from Mansurs on the Boulevard Stephanie sifts through the secrets of creating a digital personality for yourself and your business. Photos by Ken Stewart.

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