Are you good at solving math problems If Ashley Sutton works at the New Orleans House of Blues as the marketing maven, is the oldest of 7 kids and has 13 grandparents, who are her parents, and how did Christmas dinner turn out at her house the night she dosed one of the Grandmas with weed infused chocolate to see what effect it would have on her Parkinsons By the way, in case you were wondering, this is not hypothetical or an ACT question, and the answer is contained in this Happy Hour conversation. Joe Stark s day job is playing in Marc Broussard s band, but his heart is in his own band, Pet Fangs. Pet Fangs have released a bunch of singles but they re finally coming out with a full length record this year. The name of it will be Ultra Deluxe, which is apparently inspired by condoms, even though it s been a while since Joe wore one. Joe tells the story of how he got a vasectomy and what kind of drugs are best to do en route to the surgery. He also has some hints on darts and French chanteuse music. Lauren Checki was planning on having 5 kids, till she found out what that would entail. Her current target is zero kids, and so far she s on time and on budget. Lauren is a lawyer with her own firm that might sound like a hair salon but it s not. If you re looking for a night out in New Orleans and you feel like you ve done everything and been everywhere, Lauren has an awesome recommendation Sip n Sort. It s a real only in New Orleans experience. Earlier today Andrew Duhon was wresting with writer s block and crippling self doubt. Things were so bad he even skipped lunch. Strangely, it worked out pretty well he got a great song out of it that s almost finished. Check out this world premiere. Photos at Wayfare by Jill Lafleur.

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