Back in the day when legendary Bob Walker was a star DJ on AM radio in New Orleans on WTIX he was one of the guys who d get a bunch of cocaine and cash to play records by goody two shoes like The Osmonds. Then there was the day when the Motown guy came to town and opened his briefcase to reveal the records he wanted played, a stack of cash and a .45. Bob had to defer that particular decision up the chain to the radio station program director, but he s got a string of other stories from the golden days of radio corruption. No record company guy would need to bribe their way to getting local band Burris on the air. If you don t know who they are, indulge us by letting us fall back on this old radio cliche, "Remember, you heard them here first." Chris Hochkeppel, Bob Kling and the rest of the 7 piece band relocated to New Orleans from exotic Baton Rouge 12 months ago and if you haven t caught them yet, make a point of listening to them play live here or go steal some of their music off Spotify. You will assuredly not be disappointed. Do you recognize April Dupre You might have seen her on social media as the front person for her wellness company Footprints to Fitness, or you might recognize her from WWL TV where she reports on traffic. Soon you might recognize her as the author of the best selling diet book of all time. April actually has a wellness plan that keeps the weight off while you eat crawfish etouffe, beignets, and drink cocktails. Again with the cliche, "Remember you heard it here first." Photos at Wayfare by Alison Moon.

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