The two poles of human interaction are the desire for intimacy but the fear of commitment, right? We all have it. And nobody nails it quite like Cyrille Aimee.

French-born, New York seasoned and now new Orleans resident, chanteuse Cyrille Aimee is what she calls "jazz famous." And she is. The New York Times has called Cyrille one of the greatest jazz vocalists of our time so it's a real treat to have her sit at Happy Hour and, with extraordinary accompanist Joshua Starkman, play Sondheim's Marry Me A little and the jazz standard, Duke Ellington's I'm Beginning To See The Light.

Gia Hamilton is the person in this conversation who puts her finger on fear and intimacy. By day, Gia is officially the Executive Director and Chief Curator of the New Orleans African American Museum. But Gia has a varied past that includes farmer,  healer, and life coach - pastimes and traits that she has not totally left behind. Gia manages to integrate an amazing number of streams into her current life, including raising 5 sons, the youngest of whom, 4 month old Zaire, is with her.

Matt Wisdom might be the smartest guy in New Orleans. He';s officially the founder and CEO of TurboSquid, the world's leading seller of 3D models that you see in films and video games. Matt is in reality the Jeff Bezos of New Orleans. You wouldn't necessarily know it though. He's modest, nice, and humble, but make no mistake - he's politically involved, he's got his finger on the pulse of what we all know is wrong with the city, he knows how to fix it, and he's on the way to doing it. Keep an eye on this guy!

You can see photos by Hope Byrd of Happy Hour recorded live at Wayfare, here.


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