When Josh Benitez sings " I.D.G.A.F! I don't give a funk" he's got a whole lot not to give a funk about. It's actually a funking miracle he's not a serial killer or hasn't killed himself. You've got to hear Josh tell his story in his own words but the short version is, he was the target of racism that was so bad he didn't leave the house the whole time he was in high school. In fact he didn't even go to high school. He stayed inside so much his skin tone changed and he turned shades lighter. Where did this happen? About a 15 minute drive from where we're talking in Uptown New Orleans, in Belle Chasse on the Westbank.

Chris Poche is both an architect and the super-talented screenwriter and director of one of the best movies to come out of New Orleans in years, if not ever. The movie is called The True Don Quixote and is the first ever movie based on the classic tilting-at-windmills saga. It's been about 500 years since the publication of Don Quixote marked the birth of the novel as we know it so how fitting for the biggest event in the world of literature to find its cinematic home in St Bernard Parish. 

Andrew Duhon does what he does every week he's at Happy Hour: tries out a new song he's in the throes of writing. You'll have to forgive us for saying this repeatedly, but this song is stupendous. Take a listen to this very first airing and then listen to how the song turns out when it gets recorded. It's a fascinating insight into the creative process of song-writing, this journey we're all on with Andrew.

This show was recorded at The Freret Beer Room in Uptown New Orleans. You can see photos from the show by Hope Byrd at our website.

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