Matt Haines went to school to learn to become a classical trombone player with visions of playing trombone in an orchestra. But plans change. Initially Matt started teaching people to play in marching bands, which lead him to Thailand, not necessarily known for its place on the brass band pantheon, and then to new Orleans, the home of the hippest trombone players on the planet. That’s when Matt quit playing trombone. He’s now a writer.

Ashley Herbert is the CEO of a company called Bart’s Office. They are office workspace professionals. They set up offices, move offices, and facilitate every aspect of commercial office space. So now what happens? Now everybody’s working from home and too frisked out to go back into the office? Take a listen to Ashley’s hands-on analysis of what’s going on in the world of office work. It’s sobering, even for Happy Hour.

Jay Winfield was too preoccupied by people falling ill around him at the beginning of the pandemic to think about music, but things are better now and he’s back into the swing of playing. On this Happy Hour he plays a Stevie Wonder song to celebrate Stevie’s birthday, and a Nora Jones song to temp fate and see if he can get Happy Hour sued.

Seeing we’re still not allowed back in bars, this Happy Hour was conducted on Zoom, so we were able to be joined by a bunch of folks who dropped by. That’s the one upside to not being in a bar, but it’s the only one. Things are opening up in New Orleans but if this collection of people is anything to go by, nobody is going out.

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Look back at a happier time when we used to hang out in bars here.

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