If you re ever looking for someone to back you up in a bar fight in Slovakia, may we recommend Alicia Cooke Alicia might look sweet and innocent but she can mix it up with gypsies at night and be teaching kids about the spirit of Christmas next morning. Yes, that really happened. And it s just the tip of the proverbial Slovakian iceberg. Alicia s other surprising exploits include having 8 friends in prison, one on death row and the others likely to be behind bars not the sort Alicia hangs out in for the remainder of this lifetime. At the mention of death row, Happy Hour producer Graham daPonte makes a rare appearance and joins the conversation. When she s not producing a frivolous podcast Graham is in court defending people accused of capital crimes. A F The Naysayer, a good friend of Happy Hour over many appearances, drops in to introduce us to his new EP, The Autodidact Instrumentals Vol.1. This record was made with electronic instruments that are for the most part the contents of a backpack. AF has a whole other backpack for the rest of his worldly possessions. Yep, that s all he s got. That and all the Red Bull he can drink.

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