Tom Cianfichi is not just the best looking man in New Orleans married to the other best looking man in New Orleans, Bryan Batt. Tom is also an accomplished actor, Broadway casting director responsible for casting some of the biggest shows on Broadway, and an acclaimed director currently staging Pippin at Le Petit Theater marking the theater s 100th birthday. And if you need anyone to stop by and make you feel good by faking the sentence, "I m amazed and loving this" like he really means it, Tom s your man. Because this is New Orleans, comedian Addy Najera recognizes Tom, not because he s a famous actor or Bryan Batt s husband, but when she finally figures it out Addy knows Tom from his dogs. He brings them to the vet clinic where Addy is the vet tech. When she s not adjusting her bangs or pulling pet hair off of her clothes, Addy is one of New Orleans funniest comedians and to make that point she s immortalizing herself at the end of the month by making a live recording of her show, currently titled Unnamed For Now aka Isn t This Fun, with no question mark. John Lisi leads a band called Delta Funk that plays around the world and, when they re home, up and down Frenchmen Street at a different club every night. Playing guitar every night is one reason John is one of the greatest players in the city, which by the way is saying something in any city but especially here in New Orleans. John plays a couple of songs on this Happy Hour an original, "Got Cleaned Up," and a Big Bill Broonzy classic. If you want to see how John does it you can find a video version of this show of this show on our Facebook page. Andrew Duhon tries out a new song from his Unnamed For Now record and gets way more of an enthusiastic response than he was expecting. This is a breezy, casua, smart and frank conversation with a bunch of people whose talent would give any one of them the right to brag. But every single one of them has most definitely checked their ego at the door. You won t get more of a refreshingly fun and energetic New Orleans vibe anywhere than this Happy Hour. Photos at Wayfare by Alison Moon.

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