I am proud to present the first in a series of shows on Gibson guitars! Gibson is a vital part of our American and global music history and Orville and his company changed music forever!! On our first show we take a look at one of the icons of guitars, the Gibson L-5. This was the first Gibson to feature f-holes and since its debut in 1923 is one of the most valued guitars today! My co-hosts for this show are Sharon and Gregg De Lorto. Guitar historians and producers of an upcoming biography on Orville Gibson, Sharon & Gregg will explore the development of the guitar at Gibson and especially the archtop guitar and the L-5. Also joining us is Wolf Marshall, guitarist, educator (UCLA Jazz Dept.) and author. Joining us via phone is Dr. Tom Van Hoose, clinical psychologist, guitarist, collector and author of the book "The Gibson Super 400: Art Of The Fine Guitar." We will take a look at all the different versions of the L-5 and the back story on how and why they were made!