Hey everybody! This week old friend from standup, comic books, road trips and metal Brian Posehn joins us. He’s hot off the release of his band POSEHN's first release, Grandpa Metal and is getting ready for a virtual standup show on September 19th. He catches up with the three of us and we reminisce about him not buying beer, we say hi to his wife and we have him play the game most perfect for him, “Name That Growl". Then we set up our song challenge for this week, "Songs That Mention Other Musicians". It's a hoot and a holler, even though Neil takes a nap.

Big shout out to Dan Engler, un-miked but an important member of the Jonah Raydio family


"Monster Mosh" by POSEHN

Kevin Murphy's #playmusicontheporchday submission

"Recipe for Cake" by Alex Jonestown Massacre

"The Fox (What Does the Fox Say)" by POSEHN

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