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This week, Matt, Eli, Mike and Unoclay talk about games Eli and Matt played at EGLX, some funny moments meeting about meeting each other, and of course debating if Smash for Switch is a port or a new game. This week's GoAT fight is Pokemon Fire Red vs. Red Faction: Guerilla. A speech from the heart, and a rant from... wherever anger comes out of.

0:00 - Special Intro
2:24 - Game of All Time Tournament - Pokemon Fire Red vs. Red Faction: Guerilla
13:48 - Matt + Eli - EGLX, Duck Hunt, Super Random Heroes, King of the Hat, Funny Anecdotes
44:37 - Mike - Darwin Project
51:22 - Nintendo Direct / 3DS Impressions
1:08:02 - Smash for Switch: Port or New?