On the show this time, it’s the soulful humanity of Kurdish-Turkish vocalist Aynur. Aynur is a musician from Turkiye, and a Kurdish musician. She applies her breathtaking vocal technique to a refreshing blend of 300 year old Kurdish folk-songs, and her own jazz and pop influences. She is not afraid to address the suffering of the Kurdish people, or the struggles facing women - so much so that her music has at times been banned, her life has been threatened, and she has migrated as a result.

Yo-Yo Ma said “To hear Aynur’s voice is to hear the transformation of all the layers of human joy and suffering into one sound. It reaches so deep into our soul, tears into our hearts, and then we are for one moment, joined as one. It is unforgettable!”

Her latest album, 'Hedûr - Solace of Time,' is available through The Orchard distribution.

Recorded 04/24/2023.

  1. Berfek Barî - Lure Lure
  2. Rewend (Göçebe)
  3. Qumrikê
  4. Malan Barkir-Bêrîvanê
  5. Hedûr

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