On the show this time, it’s indie punk for unfolding your gender - the music of NONBINARY GIRLFRIEND.

NONBINARY GIRLFRIEND is the solo project of Portland singer Anaïs, a fresh start after the dissolution of their previous project Cry Babe. Cry Babe had been the inspiration for some characters in the film 'Somebody That I Used to Know' starring Alison Brie and Dave Franco, and when the two writer/actors suggested they would come to see a show, that provided Anaïs the impetus to form this new band. The record is a beautiful combination of sing-along anthems and emotional catharsis.

Their debut as NONBINARY GIRLFRIEND is 'Big And Kind,' available on Bandcamp.

Recorded 05/12/2023.

  1. Big and Kind
  2. No Face
  3. Tender Hand
  4. Okay

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