On the show this time, it’s the next generation of Tuareg music - the desert rock of Tamikrest.

According to their bio, in the Tamasheq language, Tamikrest means “connection.”  The group members come from Mali, Niger, Algeria and France.  Their music takes root in Ishumar “rebel music” Rock, or Tuareg Blues….and it flowers - expanding as they explore and include their ever widening set of influences. Their singer Ousman Ag Mosa lives, as he says, “everywhere in the desert” - because he is a nomad. Generally he walks somewhere south of Algeria and north of Mali.  The Tamasheq people want to preserve their culture, their way of life, and their land.  He sings in Tamasheq, to keep their poems, history and the music alive.  Their latest album “Tamotäit” is available on Glitterbeat Records.

Recorded May 31, 2023

  • Awnafin
  • Azawad
  • As Sastnan Hidjan
  • Imanin bas zihoun

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