On the show this time, it’s the OG desert blues of Mali’s Tinariwen.

Tinariwen has been bringing the sound of the northern Sahara to the world for over 20 years. Their music has won the hearts of listeners worldwide, regardless of language spoken. There’s a vibe, a hypnotic groove, and a poetic humanness that pulls you in. There’s also the Blues - the universal music of self-expression in the face of persecution. These musicians have faced hardship and oppression, and it’s not over. A coup in 2020, another in 2021, the withdrawal of the French military and ongoing messy battles between various factions has made civilian life very dangerous. Their songs call for unity, and bravely run counter to the more fundamentalist groups, some of whom would ban music altogether. This record features playing from Daniel Lanois, banjo player Wes Corbett and fiddler Fats Kaplin, highlighting the band’s Americana influences. It’s called 'Amatssou' and was produced remotely by Lanois. It is available through Wedge.

Recorded 05/29/2023.

  1. Alghalam Tiglistarha
  2. Arajghiyine
  3. Tidjit
  4. Anemouhagh

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