Sonic Reducer host and holiday music collector Brian Foss shares 13 festive tracks - Christmas music for people who don’t like Christmas music. The mix features songs from Mike Krol, Sweet Reaper, Mariya May and Kathleen Edwards.
1. Mike Krol - Won’t Be Alone Tonight
2. Rubber Band Gun - I Got Myself A Present
3. SAPIN - Christmas Eve
4. Jagged Jaw - Pink Xmas Tree
5. Sweet Reaper - Holidaze
6. Thee Mightees - Christmas Song
7. Frankie and the Lake County Collective - I’m So Over Christmas
8.Mariya May - Mama’s On The Floor (It’s Christmas)
9. Oceans of Mars - Christmas With The Devil
10. The Dead End Streets - Climate Change Christmas
11. Cutthroat Brothers - Candy Cane
12. Kathleen Edwards - It’s Christmastime (Let’s Just Survive)
13. Regal - Love Your Christmass

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