This podcast features important work being done by Steve Earle, the return of Archers of Loaf, a shoegaze jaunt featuring a band named after DJ John Peel and a few of our favorite local bands. Plus, Henry!!!

1. Steve Earle & The Dukes - Devil Put the Coal in the Ground
2. Pokey LaFarge - End of My Rope 
3. Archers of Loaf - Raleigh Days 
4. Ratboys - I Go Out At Night
5. Kevin Krauter - Opportunity
6. Acid Tongue - Bullies
7. Flyying Colours - Goodtimes
8. Peel Dream Magazine - Pill
9. Throwing Muses - Dark Blue
10. BROKEN UP - Long Long Long
11. Cold Beat - Prism
12. Ultraísta - Tin King
13. Tres Leches - Nieve

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