From the poetry of Mahmoud Darwish and Suheir Hammad, to the idea that "Hip Hop Never Died, It Lives In Palestine," this week's mix is a time-traveling exploration of resistance music and global solidarity, with the people of Palestine on our hearts and minds. There's brand new music from Daboor, Essam & Petty Pro along with underheard mixtape classics from Narcy & Shadia Mansour, Native Guns, Invincible and so much more. Co-curated by Gabriel Teodros and Isabel Khalili.

1. Aisha Fukushima - Palestine
2. Lowkey - Long Live Palestine 3 (feat. Maverick Sabre, Frankie Boyle, Ken Loach, Chakabars, Khaled Siddiq & Mai Khalil)
3. Daboor - Sheikh Jarrah الشيخ جراح
4. Essam & Petty Pro - Free Palestine
5. Narcy - Hamdulillah (Gaza Remix) (feat. Shadia Mansour)
6. DAM - Hada Yid'ie Sitna
7. Ana Tijoux - Somos Sur (feat. Shadia Mansour)
8. Invincible - People Not Places (feat. Sabreena Da Witch)
9. Suheir Hammad - Refugees
10. Bambu & DJ Phatrick - When Will The Time Come
11. Kiwi & DJ Phatrick - Gaza 2 Oakland
12. DAM - Prozac
13. Shabjdeed & Al Nather - Amrikkka أمريكا
14. 47SOUL - Border Ctrl (feat. Shadia Mansour & Fedzilla)
15. Jasiri X - Checkpoint
16. Invincible - The Emperor's Clothes
17. Muqata'a - Ikmal إِكمَال

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