DJ Greg Vandy brings you a mix of a summer electricity featuring music from Cut Worms, Revel In Dimes, Nude Party, Natural Child, Calpurnia, Texas Gentlemen, Wooden Shjips, and a tribute to Richard Swift and his indie-gold productions. Press Play and rock. Then roll.

  1. Kelly Stoltz - Crossed Mind Blues
  2. Daddy Long Legs - I Feel So Electric
  3. The Texas Gentlemen - Habbie Doobie
  4. Natural Child - Transcendental Meditation
  5. Nude Party - Chevrolet Van
  6. Calpurnia - Louie
  7. Cut Worms - Hanging Your Picture Up To Dry
  8. Dick Stusso - Well Acquainted
  9. Aaron Beckum - Cursemaker Blues
  10. Revel In Dimes - Kissing
  11. Wooden Shjips - Already Gone
  12. Brother Roy - Brother Sam
  13. Damien Jurado - Silver Timothy
  14. Foxygen- No Destruction
  15. Sharon Van Etten - Every Time The Sun Comes Up
  16. Kevin Morby - Come To Me Now

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