Pacific Notions host DJ Alex shares a calming springtime mix of ambient, neo-classical, and new age songs to welcome the new season and provide some sonic solace during these stressful times. 

1. Haythem Mahbouli - Birth
2. Valotihkuu - Sunrise Lullaby
3. Darshan Ambient - The Rain Has Flown
4. Naneum - Newborn
5. Ben Crosland - The Snow Is Melting
6. Joram Feitsma - Rain
7. Trevor Ransom - Spring
8. Lucy Gooch - Sun
9. ann annie - blossom
10. Luke Sanger - Snow In Spring
11. Visionary Hours - rippling river drifts blue and green
12. Matt LaJoie - Everlasting Spring (Single Edit)
13. Ecovillage - New Life (feat. Ludvig Cimbrelius)
14. Constant Shapes - Awaken
15. WMD - Unfold
16. Michael David - Rain II (Slow)

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DJ Alex is the host of Pacific Notions on KEXP, every Sunday from 6-9am PST on or 90.3 FM in Seattle.

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