Cable Ties - "Sandcastles" from the 2020 album Far Enough on Merge Records.

Melbourne punk trio Cable Ties return with the album Far Enough at the end of the month, their second album overall, but their first for Merge Records. The Australian group made their debut in April 2015, performing at Wetfest, an annual non-binary-inclusive music festival spotlighting bands emerging from Melbourne's D.I.Y. scene. Since then, they've emerged from the underground with their intense, cathartic anthems.

On today's featured track, the call-and-response vocals of guitarist Jenny McKechnie and drummer Shauna Boyle may call to mind the interplay between Corin Tucker and Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney, but Cable Ties bring a more '70s-post punk influence, channeling bands like X-Ray Spex and The Raincoats.

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