Shabazz Palaces - "20 Gear Science," a 2021 self-released single.

Seattle's Shabazz Palaces share "20 Gear Science," the first single from their forthcoming LP The Lost Vibes Of Shabazz: The Skrilla Scrolls, a collection of rarities and previously unreleased songs. True to their decade-long career, the song is a spacey, cinematic (or "sinematic", as their video production is called) journey of synths and swagger. 

Accompanying the track is a video filmed by Stephan Gray and Shabazz vocalist/producer Ishmael Butler. As they explain in the YouTube description, "While on vacation at their Baška hideaway retired Cantù basketball star Capricio "Prici" Drogba and his girlfriend Glo Moonlit must deal with the strange interloper that has appeared down by the pool." (Both Drogba and the pool boy are portrayed by Butler.) 

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