Tara Clerkin Trio - "The Turning Ground," a 2023 single on World of Echo

On today's hypnotic and dreamy Song of the Day, the Bristol-based band Tara Clerkin Trio draw influence from the dub-step-heavy influences of their backyard (think Portishead and Massive Attack), combined with their own past as the eight-piece psych-folk group the Tara Clerkin Band. (“You could say the Tara Clerkin Trio started mainly because everyone else un-joined the Tara Clerkin Band,” Clerkin tells Loud & Quiet. “A lot of the other members went traveling or had babies, so we’re basically the leftovers.”)

The track will appear on the five-song EP titled On the Turning Ground, out November 3rd via World of Echo, the partner label of the esteemed London record store of the same name. 

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