Faye Webster - "Cheers" from the 2021 album I Know I'm Funny haha on Secretly Canadian.

With today's Song of the Day, Atlanta-based singer/songwriter Faye Webster says she finally gets to feel "like a badass for once.” 

“This song has always felt like a standout from the record to me," Webster said in a press release about her fourth full-length, I Know I’m Funny haha, out June 25th via Secretly Canadian. "It was the kind of song where you’re like ‘oh yeah, this is the one,' after the first take. It felt different to me and it made it feel like I was entering a new era and chapter for myself. It’s kind of the outlier on the record but at the same time is still so original and identifying to myself."

The track is accompanied by a video directed by Matt Swinsky, starring members of the Atlanta dirt bike scene. “If cameras were not present, these guys are still riding for their own enjoyment,” Webster told American Songwriter. “People love what they do and yet there are still many people who are so quick to judge and label them in a hateful way. Everyone of them that I’ve met has been kind, welcoming and hospitable to us so that inspires me to continue documenting them the best I can.” 

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