Greg Vandy is the host of The Roadhouse, KEXP’s Sunday morning roots and American music show. He talks with Isabel Khalili about how the show is more about a feeling than a genre, and how he uses music to draw connections between the past and present. Then he shares three songs he’s been loving lately, from 60’s girl group harmonies to a soulful expression of joy, plus one lesser known track from the inventor of the power chord.

Lastly, we hear from KEXP Music Director Chris Sanley about a powerful indie collaboration recorded at Abbey Road Studios.

Songs featured:

  1. The Lostines - “A Tear”
  2. Scott Ballew - “True Love Can’t Surf”
  3. Allison Russell - “The Returner”
  4. Link Wray - “From Tulsa To North Carolina”
  5. IAN SWEET & Porridge Radio - "Everyone's A Superstar"

Listen to the full songs on KEXP's "In Our Headphones 2024" playlist on Spotify or the “What's In Our Headphones” playlist on YouTube.

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Hosted and produced by: Janice Headley and Isabel Khalili
Mixed by: Emily Fox
Mastered by: William Myers
Editorial Director: Larry Mizell Jr.

Our theme music is “好吗 (Hao Ma)” by Chinese American Bear

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