India Jordan - "For You" from the 2020 album For You on Local Action Records.

London-based producer and DJ India Jordan recently released a six-track EP titled For You, a release they call their “largest and most personal” release to date. The album photography was shot in the bathroom of London’s Dalston Superstore venue, a legendary LGBTQ+ venue. In a press release, they explain: 

I’ve always been really into toilets, I did a photography project at college writing messages in toilets for people. I’m drawn to the idea that they’re public but ultimately isolated and individual, so writing a message was a way to show another human had been there.

They’re spaces for me to decompress, sort my head out and get some time away. They’re also places I’ve experienced to be queer. When I was growing up, it wasn’t necessarily safe for me to show any public displays of affection with people, so toilets were a safe option.

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