Kauwila & Inalihi - "Pae ʻĀina to Palestine" from the 2023 album Rise Up: BDS Mixtape vol. 2 on Amplify Palestine

This week’s Song of the Day picks were chosen by DJs Miss Ashley, Kevin Sur, Tory, and Isabel Khalili in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle. From Hawai’i to Sudan, these songs represent the global solidarity movement in support of Palestinians and anti-colonialism. The BDS Mixtape series that features three of this week’s songs was inspired by the 1985 Sun City album by artists boycotting apartheid South Africa. To learn more about the music and its connection to the cause, visit Majazz Project and Amplify Palestine.

Honolulu-based duo Kauwila & Inalihi note the connection between Hawaii and Palestine on today's Song of the Day. 

As Kauwila writes on Instagram, "Unearthing our storied solidarities that are nearly two centuries old is a a path towards rejecting western-centric forms of governance as a norm. Those tired models only reproduce the violences of colonization, genocide, patriarchy, capitalism, religious oppression, and state violence to privilege the corporations, militaries, banks of the rich. When we center aloha aina, deep love for the land, we will remember these deep connections between Hawaii and Palestine: We are two occupied nations struggling for liberation, we are too in love with our land and our nation!"

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