Los Blenders - "Perdidos En Pantitlan" from the 2020 album Mazunte 2016 on Devil in the Woods.

KEXP has been enamoured with Mexico City's Los Blenders since their 2015 debut album Chavos Bien. (Check out their infectious garage-punk in this 2016 KEXP session.) On their forthcoming full-length Mazunte 2016, out September 25th via Devil in the Woods, the rambunctious quartet bring a new maturity to their surf sound, particularly on today's Song of the Day, inspired by recent events in their hometown. In a press release, they elaborate:

"Lost in Pantitlán" is a true story. It happened to a friend of the band. It's a story about how absurd it is to deal with the police in Mexico and this inspired the song. It created a cry of protest in a way. Musically it is the most complex song that the band has released."

Frontman Alejandro Archundia continues, "Musically it's a mix between the sound of rock in your language mixed with the most aggressive surf guitars we've ever pulled and a sticky chorus, trademark of Los Blenders."

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