Noah Coinflip - Journey (feat. Porsche) from the 2022 self-released album God Is Love.

Seattle-via-Alabama producer Noah Coinflip released his latest album God Is Love back in November. According to Bandcamp, the album is “an exploration of themes related to finding a transformative higher power through compassion and community” as well as “an exploration of the mystery behind the higher power” and “a prayer of surrender.”

That’s expressed most clearly in our Song of the Day “Journey.” One of the few tracks on the vibey instrumental record with vocals, Coinflip, who is also a member of the jazz fusion band Animal Face and engineer at South Seattle studio Mead St., lays down a swirling beat chock full of ripping electric guitars and glitchy flourishes, anchored by a smooth and sexy synth melody. Over it, Porsche articulates through spoken word the power of inner purpose, perseverance, and love.

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