RVG - "Squid" from the 2023 album Brain Worms from Fire Records

Travel back in time with Melbourne-quartet RVG on today's Song of the Day. 

“'Squid' is a song about going back in time and stepping on a Tiktaalik and then going back to the present but you have the same job, the same problems you had before except you’re a squid,” vocalist Romy Vager explained to Rolling Stone Australia. “We jammed it on a whim and it ended up coming out really well. I left a large chunk of the lyrics till the last minute, finishing them off in Finsbury Park at 6 in the morning before I could get into the studio and record my vocals.”

The track can be found on the band's third LP, Brain Worms, released last month via Fire Records. The band says the new album captures them at their most confident yet.

“Hype is scary. After two years of COVID, it felt like the hype had gone down so we were able to just do stuff,” says Vager in a press statement. “This time around we were like, this is what we’re doing, we’re taking control, we’re taking risks, and we’re going to make an album that sounds big so that when we hear it on the radio we want to hear it again.” 

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