Album de la semaine: "A hard day's night" (Beatles 1964)

Beatles-A hard day's night-A hard day's night (64)
P.McCartney-Friends to go-Chaos and creation in the backyard (05)
J.Lennon-Power to the people-The John Lennon Collection (89-71)
G.Harrison-It is "He" (Jai sri Krishna)-Dark horse (74)
R.Starr-Attention-Stop and smell the roses (81)
Beatles-I should have known better-A hard day's night (64)
Beatles-The night before-Help! (65)
Beatles-Chains-Please please me (63)
J.Lennon-Look at me-Acoustic (04)
G.Harrison-Poor little girl-Best of Dark horse 1976-1989 (89)
Beatles-And I love her-A hard day's night (64)
P.McCartney-Tropic island hum-Single (04)
J.Lennon-Baby please don't go-Anthology 1: Ascot (98)
Beatles-Little child-With the Beatles (63)
Beatles-Baby's in black-For sale (64)
Beatles-I'm happy just to dance with you-A hard day's night (64)
Bo Diddley-Cracking up-Paul McCartney's jukebox (11)
P.McCartney-Cracking up-Choba b CCCP (88)
G.Harrison-Tired of midnight blue-Extra texture (read all about it) (75)
Beatles-Nowhere man-Rubber soul (65)
Beatles-Can't buy me love-A hard day's night (64)
P.McCartney-I want to walk you home Going home:-A tribute to Fats Domino (07)
R.Starr-She's about a mover-Old wave (83)
R.Starr-King of broken hearts-Vertical man (98)
P.McCartney-Say say say (2015 remix)-Pure McCartney (16)
J.Lennon-Mr Hyde's gone (don't be afraid)-Anthology 4: Dakota (98)
Beatles-Things we said today-A hard day's night (64)
P.McCartney-I want you to fly-"Jenny Wren" single (05)
Beatles-A day in the life-Love (06)
G.Harrison-Unconsciousness rules-Somewhere in England (81)
Beatles-She said she said-Revolver (66)
R.Starr-Rory and the hurricanes-Postcards from Paradise (15)
Beatles-Hey Bulldog-Past masters (09)
Beatles-Blackbird/yesterday-Love (06)
P.McCartney-Come and get it (feat. A.Cooper)-Hollywood vampires (15)
P.McCartney-Save us-New (13)
P.McCartney-Biker like an icon-Off the ground (93)
P.McCartney-Ballroom dancing-Tug of war (82)
P.McCartney-India-Secret show (02)