100% McCartney

P.McCartney-To you-Back to the egg (79)
P.McCartney-Heart of the country (ukulele)-USB (13)
P.McCartney-Another day-Single (71)
P.McCartney-Back on my feet (demo)-Flowers in the dirt (89)
P.McCartney-About you-Driving rain (01)
P.McCartney-Blackbird (different speed)-Secret show (02)
P.McCartney-Bogey music-McCartney II (80)
P.McCartney-Letting go-Venus and Mars (75)
P.McCartney-Jet-Band on the run (73)
P.McCartney-Big bard bed-Red rose speedway (73)
P.McCartney-Tomorrow-Wild life (71)
P.McCartney-Cage-USB (79)
P.McCartney-Cafe on the left bank-London town (78)
P.McCartney-Love mix-B side "Beautiful night" single (97)
P.McCartney-We all stand together-Single (04)
P.McCartney-I can't imagine-B side "C'mon people" single (93)
P.McCartney-Press-Press to play (86)
P.McCartney-Fabulous-B side "No other baby" single (99)
P.McCartney-Oo you-McCartney (70)
P.McCartney-Style style-B side "Off the ground" single (93)
P.McCartney-With a little luck-London town (78)
P.McCartney-Hi hi hi (studio version)-Wings greatest (78)
P.McCartney-Dance tonight-Memory almost full (07)
P.McCartney-Monkberry moon delight-Ram (71)
P.McCartney-Good sign-Flowers in the dirt (89)
P.McCartney-No more lonely nights (ballad)-Give my regards to Broadstreet (84)
P.McCartney-Stop, you don't know where she came from-Tug of war (82)
P.McCartney-What's that you're doing (feat. S.Wonder)-Tug of war (82)
P.McCartney-I can bet-New (13)
P.McCartney-I want you to fly-B side "Jenny Wren" single (05)
P.McCartney-Mrs Vandebilt-Band on the run (73)
P.McCartney-Long leather coat-B side "Hope of deliverance" (93)
P.McCartney-Winter rose/Love awake-Back to the egg (79)
P.McCartney-After the ball/Million miles-Back to the egg (79)