100% John Lennon

Beatles-Twist and shout-Please please me (63)
J.Lennon-Slippin' and slidin'-Rock'n' roll (75)
J.Lennon-Beautiful boy (darling boy)-Double fantasy (80)
J.Lennon-One day (at a time)-Mind games (73)
J.Lennon-Woman is the nigger of the world-Some times in New York City (72)
Beatles-Mr Moonlight-For Sale (64)
J.Lennon-Here we go again-Menlove ave. (86)
J.Lennon-Real love (alternate version)-B.O. "Imagine" (88)
J.Lennon-Woman-Double fantasy (80)
Beatles-You're going to lose that girl-Help! (65)
Beatles-I should have known better-A hard day's night (64)
J.Lennon-Nobody loves you (when you're down and out)-Walls and bridges (74)
J.Lennon-How ?-Imagine (71)
J.Lennon-Stand by me-Rock'n' roll (75)
J.Lennon-Watching the wheels-Acoustic (04)
Beatles-Strawberry fields forever-Magical Mystery Tour (67)
Beatles-All you need is love-Yellow submarine songtrack (99)
J.Lennon-Cold turkey (live)-Live peace in Toronto (69)
J.Lennon-Instant karma-Peace love and truth (05)
J.Lennon-Power to the people-The John Lennon Collection (89)
Beatles-Julia-White album (68)
J.Lennon-Jealous guy (+ extract "Child of nature")-Imagine (71)
Beatles-Girl-Love (11)
Beatles-I'm only sleeping-Revolver (66)
J.Lennon-Life begins at 40-Anthology 4: Dakota (98)
J.Lennon-Grow old with me-Wonsaponatime (98)
Beatles-I am the walrus-Magical Mystery Tour (67)
Beatles-A day in the life-Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (67)
Beatles-I want you (she's so heavy)-Abbey Road (69)
J.Lennon-God-Plastic Ono Band (70)
Beatles-Free as a bird-Single (95)
Beatles-Real love-Single (96)