Album de la semaine: "Somewhere in England" (George Harrison 1981)

G.Harrison-All those years ago-Somewhere in England (81)
R.Starr-It don't come easy-Blast from your past (75-71)
P.McCartney-Too many people-Ram (71)
J.Lennon-Gimme some truth-Imagine (71)
Beatles-Baby's in black-For sale (64)
G.Harrison-Blood from a clone-Somewhere in England (81)
P.McCartney-Girls' school-London town (78)
Beatles-I wanna be your man-With the Beatles (63)
Beatles-And I love her-A hard day's night (64)
R.Starr-You belong to me-Stop and smell the roses (81)
G.Harrison-Life itself-Somewhere in England (81)
J.Lennon-New York City-Sometime in New York (72)
J.Lennon-Watching the wheels-Double Fantasy (80)
Beatles-You've got to hide your love away-Help! (65)
Beatles-Nowhere man-Rubber soul (65)
G.Harrison-Baltimore Oriole-Somewhere in England (81)
Joe Cocker-With a little help from my friends-With a little help from my friends (69)
P.McCartney-Tomorrow-Wild life (71)
Beatles-She said she said-Revolver (66)
Beatles-Your mother should know-Magical Mystery Tour (67)
G.Harrison-Unconsciousness rules-Somewhere in England (81)
Beatles-Oh darling-Abbey road (69)
R.Starr-Picture show life-Old school (83)
P.McCartney-Meat free Monday-USB
Beatles-One after 909-Let it be (70)
G.Harrison-Teardrops-Somewhere in England (81)
P.McCartney-Press-Press to play (86)
Beatles-Free as a bird-Anthologie I (95)
Beatles-Real love-Anthologie II (96)