Album de la semaine: "Back to the egg" (Paul McCartney 1979)

P.McCartney-Reception/Getting closer-Back to the egg (79)
J.Lennon-Instant karma-Single (70)
G.Harrison-Drilling a home (instrumental)-Wonderwall Music (68)
R.Starr-Bye bye blackbird-Sentimental journey (70)
Beatles-Something-Abbey Road (69)
P.McCartney-So glad to see you here-Back to the egg (79)
Beatles-Ob-la-di, ob-la-da-White album (68)
Beatles-Savoy truffle-White album (68)
G.Harrison-I live for you-All things must pass (70)
J.Lennon-Only you-Anthology 4: Dakota (98)
P.McCartney-We're open tonight/Spit it on-Back to the egg (79)
Beatles-Misery-Please please me (63)
Beatles-Little child-With the Beatles (63)
Beatles-I'm a loser-For sale (64)
Beatles-A hard day's night-A hard day's night (64)
P.McCartney-To you-Back to the egg (79)
Sean Connery-In my life-George Martin's In my life (98)
G.Harrison-The answer's at the end-Extra texture (read all about it) (75)
R.Starr-You don't know me at all-Rotogravure (76)
Beatles-Penny Lane-Magical Mystery Tour (67)
P.McCartney-Winter rose/Love awake-Back to the egg (79)
R.Starr-Dead giveaway-Stop and smell the roses (81)
J.Lennon-Long lost John-Anthology 1: Ascott (98)
P.McCartney-Waterfalls-McCartney II (80)
Beatles-Eleanor Rigby-Revolver (66)
Beatles-Michelle-Rubber Soul (65)
P.McCartney-After the ball/Million miles-Back to the egg (79)
G.Harrison-Life itself-Somewhere in England (81)
J.Lennon-Woman-Double Fantasy (80)
R.Starr-Eye to eye-Ringo Rama (03)