Album de la semaine: "Magical Mystery Tour" (Beatles 1967)

Beatles-Magical Mystery Tour-Magical Mystery Tour (67)
P.McCartney-That would be something-McCartney (70)
J.Lennon-Power to the people-Plastic Ono Band (70)
G.Harrison-Hear me Lord-All things must pass (70)
R.Starr-Occapella-Goodnight Vienna (74)
Beatles-The fool on the hill-Magical Mystery Tour (67)
R.Starr-Walk with you (feat. P.McCartney)-Y not (10)
G.Harrison-Faster-George Harrison (79)
Beatles-Glass Onion (Esher demo)-White album (18)
P.McCartney-Monkberry moon delight-Ram (71)
Beatles-I am the walrus-Magical Mystery Tour (67)
Beatles-I saw her standing there-Please please me (63)
G.Harrison-Greece (instrumental)-Gone troppo (82)
P.McCartney-Lunch box/odd sox (instrumental)-Venus and Mars (75)
P.McCartney-San Ferry Anne-At the speed of sound (76)
Beatles-Strawberry fields forever-Magical Mystery Tour (67)
Beach Boys-Rock and roll music-Single (76)
Beatles-Rock and roll music-For Sale (64)
J.Lennon-One day at a time-Anthology 2: New York (98)
J.Lennon-Beef Jerky (instrumental)-Walls and bridges (74)
Beatles-Your mother should know-Magical Mystery Tour (67)
J.Lennon-It's so hard-Imagine (71)
R.Starr-Going down (instrumental)-Old wave (83)
Beatles-Across the universe-Let it be (70)
Beatles-All you need is love-Magical Mystery Tour (67)
P.McCartney-Girls' school-London Town (78)
Beatles-Oh! Darling-Abbey Road (69)
J.Lennon-Watching the wheels-B.O. "Funny people" (09)
R.Starr-Rock island line-Ringo 2012 (12)